††† ends tour at Slim’s…

From the ††† Tumblr page

I had the good fortune to check out two shows at Slim’s last week.  The first being the hip hop group Doomtree, from Minnesota, and the second being † † † (Crosses), from Sacramento.  The latter is an alternative rock group formed by Chino Morreno (Deftones, Team Sleep), Shaun Lopez (Far), and Scott Chuck.  I quite enjoyed myself at the show and was rather surprised at their clean and rehearsed performance.  For being such a new band, with about seven members (including two drummers), they were tight and knew exactly where they were in the show.  I suppose some of this can be attributed to the longtime careers of its members and the fact that this was the last stop on their four-stop California tour.  All in all, a great show to be at and Chino seemed more alive and fresh than I’d seen him in years.  Do check them out if they come to your town.

Here are a couple of teasers that I shot on my phone…enjoy…



10 years strong…

We just wrapped the 10th annual Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival.  And what a festival it was.  SYRCL presents this festival each year and it truly is one of the great highlights of my calendar.  For the past eight years of its existence, I’ve worked as a technician and then more recently in the role of assistant technical director.

The ambience of this festival is great and you just couldn’t pick a better town city than Nevada City to host it.  The old gold rush era buildings and the rustic venues really add to the overall feeling here.

  This year we introduced two high definition projection venues to the seven venue festival.  They looked tremendous!  You could absolutely see the difference in image quality.  In addition, we went totally digital with our playback system, utilizing AJA’s Ki Pro digitization unit.  These were kindly lent to the festival by local company, AJA.

All in all, I’m always a bit sad when it ends.  Many of the people I work with have been attending the fest for ten years and this is the only time during the year that we see each other.  The added reunion factor is a plus!

I say all of this so that you’ll consider going next year.  It’s just an amazing experience and every person that I’ve convinced to go has continued going on their own accord.  My parents have even made festival weekend passes their anniversary gift to each other for the past several years.  To find details, visit the website here or simply talk to me and I’ll give you an earful of details and great reasons to go.  You won’t regret it!