About Kyle…

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Wallen

I am a kid from the foothills of California who now finds himself mixed in with the wonderful fabric of San Francisco.  Living in this magical city for several years has taught me many things about humans and myself.  It has exposed me to so many different perspectives and stories while also allowing me the space and nourishment to create my own along the way.  I can’t imagine myself living in another city these days and much of my life experiences are found within its small boundaries.

This blog is designed as a way for me to share my life and some of my most treasured experiences.  Why here rather than Facebook?  Well, I want this to be a little less “everywhere all at once”.  I don’t want to continually throw my beliefs and findings into people’s faces.  I feel that this is a good balance.  Those who care can come past and those that don’t care will take one look and never return.  I’m fine with that.  This is strictly a selfish endeavor that I hope is enjoyed by others.  So, please enjoy, please feel free to comment, and please let me know what you like here.  Thank you for stopping by.



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