Consider Kindle…

I was a bit of a sceptic to begin with.  I wanted all of my books to surround me and be there as a record and testimony to what I had read.  This, ultimately, was not going to work out if I were to keep residing in SF for the long-term.  Not enough space to manage.

So I’ve gone the route of the Kindle.  It’s been great so far.  I’m very happy with the very small depository for my written news and entertainment.  It’s compact, and the battery life lasts up to a month on one charge.

I’ve just delved into my first book, The Rum Diary, by Hunter S. Thompson, and everything is straight forward.  The interface is basic, so that makes it very accessible for any level of user.  You really will get used to the page turning after about ten pages.

But what I really want to rave about is the internet browser that it comes loaded with (On Kindle: Menu>Experiments>Web Browser).  This is a great feature as it gives users free access to 85% of the internet’s content with absolutely no service fees.  That’s right!  No service fees for internet access.  From the browser you can access Google, you can email, and you can even access your Facebook – minus the photos and videos tab with this feature.  Though you can still search and view photos in many other ways.

All in all, I’m really surprised by this product and I think it’s a great technology that can hold onto what’s been lost by the downturn in book reading.  Sometimes, you just need to have the quiet of a book in your hands.

An hour after writing this: the Kindle has just changed sold its “Resting Screen”.  This is the screen that displays an image on the screen while the Kindle is powered off:  Instead of a lovely consistent cycle of literary legends, new and old, it has just begun advertising!  I powered it on and off at least five times and it kept displaying different advertisements at me from Sprint to local steak delivery offers.  This Kindle is definitely going to need a covering case as well. 

Later it was revealed to me that the options for a Kindle with advertising or without are available.  You have to pay more for the model without adverts.  Still, a dirty little trick to not show the ads for the first several weeks.



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