Anarchism is not a bad word…

I wanted to make people aware of this very nice article on Anarchism and the importance of inclusion and ally building within the movement (and the greater Occupy movement). While I don’t presently consider myself an Anarchist, I do find myself fascinated by the writing that comes out of this group.  This article does not disappoint with its smart introspection.
Anarchism is the revolutionary idea

In my experience, some of the most articulate, smart, and genuinely good people have been associated with Anarchist and Black Bloc movements.  Many are people that you wouldn’t expect and wouldn’t recognize until they mentioned it to you.

I encourage you not to be discouraged by your previous conceptions and read the article with an open mind.  You don’t know.  Maybe you’ll find yourself amazed just as I have been over the years.  Anarchism is not what your parents taught you…



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