††† ends tour at Slim’s…

From the ††† Tumblr page

I had the good fortune to check out two shows at Slim’s last week.  The first being the hip hop group Doomtree, from Minnesota, and the second being † † † (Crosses), from Sacramento.  The latter is an alternative rock group formed by Chino Morreno (Deftones, Team Sleep), Shaun Lopez (Far), and Scott Chuck.  I quite enjoyed myself at the show and was rather surprised at their clean and rehearsed performance.  For being such a new band, with about seven members (including two drummers), they were tight and knew exactly where they were in the show.  I suppose some of this can be attributed to the longtime careers of its members and the fact that this was the last stop on their four-stop California tour.  All in all, a great show to be at and Chino seemed more alive and fresh than I’d seen him in years.  Do check them out if they come to your town.

Here are a couple of teasers that I shot on my phone…enjoy…



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